About Us

Ours’ is a family business – or, you might even say, family is our business. We treat our guests as we treat our families.  Developed over the years with input from thousands of customers and collaboration with Swiss partners, Trekking Team know what guests want – before the guests know it themselves. Entirely conscious of the fact that a single happy customer could easily mean ten more, we strive to make every single one of our customers pleased. The highest quality of personalized service, essentially custom made to the taste of every individual guest ensures that your stay with us is second to none. Our aim is to welcome you in as a customer, grow into guests, and send you off as a lifelong friend of the worldwide family that is Trekking.

Perusing this brochure, you will discover the true vastness of what our land has to offer. You will first find about the amazing trekking and mountaineering opportunities in the highlands and the mountainous regions. Descending, you will discover the thrills of the absolutely incredible river systems and rafting opportunities therein. Be warned though, there is a serious chance of adrenalin overdose in this one – this most certainly is not for the faint of the heart. Perhaps you will then want to settle your tumbling senses in the low land belt of the Terai, where the gentle sway of the elephant ride in the forests and the occasional peaks of the one horned rhinoceros and other diverse fauna are bound to titillate you – and there are still surprises that are bound to delight you. Finally, if you should feel like your expectations have not yet been satisfied, if you still feel the thirst for more, maybe human contact is what you desire. The simple and not so simple ways life, the vast array of culture, costumes, and colors are perhaps what you want to experience. Then you are most certainly in luck, because Nepal…well, lets just say an anthropologist would find it hard to study all the nuances of the religion and culture found here, in his lifetime.

In today’s world, the need to be always on, the need to be always connected and ready to go, the need to reach to the top – have made it impossible for people to find peace and quite. The constant humdrum of daily life, the bills to pay, solicitors to meet, telephones to receive, emails to answer and oh so many other issues to deal with have rendered us incapable to get in touch with ourselves. After you have read this brochure, try and imagine a place where you can get away from all that, even if only for a little while. Imagine getting back to nature, and letting the mountain breeze wash away the stress, imagine Nepal – imagine Nirvana and Shangri-la.

Visit us. Visit with us. Let us put you in touch with the elements. We’ll help you find somewhere you belong.