Mountain Biking in Bhutan

Mountain Biking in Bhutan is rewarded with stunning views and pristine nature on good paved roads in city  with little traffic, and graveled road and single track at countryside. We start mountain biking  from Thimpu after visiting Paro, and head east to Punakha, stopping to visit dzongs (fortresses), monasteries and temples and absorbing the Buddhist culture. 

Straining every muscle to gain the high mountain pass or sailing downhill with the wind in your face, one moment along the twists and turns of a deep ravine along narrow mountain trails and the next with the vista of the majestic Himalayan ranges stretching to the horizons before you, bicycling in Bhutan is a reminder of the ups and downs of life itself. The thrill of bicycling in the panoramic terrain of Bhutan is an adventure that beckons to every cyclist looking for something out of the ordinary. All along the route the interruption by picturesque and almost medieval, villages and towns rich in cultural spots make a welcome diversion. 
Depending on the choice of route, one can traverse long and winding roads passing through low lying foothills, the higher river valleys and the high Himalayas, the three zones that comprise the geographical variations of the country. The drama of magnificent scenes and sights unfolding with every turn of the wheel is something to fulfill a cyclist's dream.
We also design trips based on your group's requirement. Please let us know if you are looking for something totally different from what we are offering here. Email us your group details and their biking tastes.
Explore Bhutan Biking
We start our biking trip with a day sightseeing on bike around Paro. We will then ride towards Thimpu and visit the Punakha valley on the way. We visit Wangdi, Chumey and Jakar valley, Gangtey Monastery and get to Thimpu.
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