Trekking in Bhutan

Bhutan is no doubt, a trekker's paradise. Located in the heart of the Himalayas the trekking routes range from the beautiful scenic nature paths to the more rigorous trails along the foothills of the Himalayan peaks for the more adventurous.

The high altitude and the low altitude treks are designed in such a way as to enable magnificent and in-depth views of the beautiful country. High altitude treks in Northern Bhutan are most challenging and rewarding. The highest peaks in the Himalayas form a border between Bhutan and the beginning of the "Roof of the World", Tibet. The higher reaches of these trails are accessible only at certain times of the year mainly between the end of the rainy season and the beginning of winter. These trails are clean, pristine and un-spoilt allowing for some of the most exhilarating treks ever.
The low altitude treks are comparatively easier leading through ever- green forests populated by various plant and animal species, which makes a scenic path to follow. These treks provide an opportunity to visit villages, farms and religious temples allowing a chance to appreciate the rich culture and the life of the Bhutanese people. These treks are accessible even in the winter and are a great delight to those trekkers who appreciate the finer sides of nature. 
We provide you with knowledgeable and friendly guides, cooks, porters, assistants and pony handlers - in short, to ensure everything you need to enjoy the trek with only a camera in your hand as you take the shots of breathtaking sceneries and meet up with the indigenous people. Besides the treks mentioned in our website we can even design treks to meet your needs and desires. No trekker's life will be complete until one has trekked in the Himalayas of Bhutan.
Duer Hot Spring Trek
This trek is the old expedition route to Gangkar Phuensum and, with special permission; it might be possible to extend the trek to the base of the mountain itself, though this is rough, difficult route.
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Druk Path Trek
Trek through crossing the chain of mountains that separates the two valleys. Although there are very few houses to see, there are lakes teeming with fish at 4040. A climb through thick alpine forest and rhododendron.
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Laya Trek
The trek starts from Drugyel Dzong to the isolated valleys of Lingzhi, up to the Laya region at 4,000 meters.You can see classic examples of lateral moraines where the glacier has pushed rocks up on both sides.
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Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek
Trek to a large number of lovely high altitude lakes. You pass through terraced paddy fields and through coniferous forests, to the settlements of Geynikha, 2,500 meters. maximum altitude of this trek 4249 meters.
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Bumthang Trek
This trek is ideal for average walkers, as the altitude does not go over 3360 meters. There are no views over the high peaks, but the trek crosses several villages and winds through the Bumthang countryside.
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Jhomolhari Trek
Trek goes into northern Bhutan to the land of yak herders and to the base of Mt. Jhomolhari, at 7,316 meters.Rich and varied vegetation from richly forested valley to high alpine pasturel. Maximum height 4900 meters.
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Gangtey Gompa Trek
Trek is for average walkers and visit the isolated valleys of Gangtey Gompa/Phobjikha, Gogona and Kothoka. Maximum height 3100m. Walk through bamboo, rhododendron, magnolia, oaks, dwarf rhododendrons etc.
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Snowman Trek
This is the longest and the most difficult trek and requires not only excellent health but also a high spirit of adventure. The combination of distance, altitude, weather and remoteness makes this a tough journey.
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