19 Tough packages found

Duration: 25 Days

Kharta Trek

Kharta trek (Khangsung Valley Trek) challenging yet rewarding trek that will lead you through miles of steep valleys, high passes, and gorgeous

Duration: 27 days

Lhasa Central Tibet Biking

Join us for some real exploratory biking in central Tibet, starting and finishing from the sacred city of Lhasa, where we will

Duration: 28 days

Kailash Mountain Biking from Simikot

Mountain biking from Simikot to Kailash is newly open biking trail; Experience amazing highs across the ‘roof of the world’ as you

Duration: 14 days

Overland Trip to Kailash

The sacred peak of Mount Kailash (6,658 m/21,838 ft) is the final destination for many travelers to Tibet, ranging from tourists to

Duration: 30 Days

Snowman Trek

This is the longest and the most difficult trek and requires not only excellent health but also a high spirit of adventure.

Duration: 19 Days

Laya Trek

This trek is an extension of the Jhomolhari trek and offers diverse flora and fauna, including a good opportunity to spot blue

Duration: 21 Days

Rupshu Valley Trek

This tour starts in Delhi. After spending one night in Delhi we take 3 hours train journey to Chandigarh and by coach

Duration: 20 Days

Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha Pass Trek

Rolwaling Tasi Lapcha Pass trek, after a nine-day hike starting from Sangati (920m). Trekking all the way to Daldung La is a

Duration: 63 days

Kanchenjunga Expedition

Kanchanjunga expedition peak is the third highest mountain in the world. This is a huge mountain mass, and many satellite peaks rise

Duration: 49 days

Lhotse Expedition

Lhotse is best known for its proximity to Mount Everest and it is the fourth highest Peak in the world. The fact

Duration: 59 days

Everest Expedition

Mount Everest is the tallest point on Earth, adventurous spirits have always been fascinated by what is also called “The Third Pole”

Duration: 27 Days

Lower Dolpo Trek

Lower Dolpo region is best known for the many isolated high Himalayan valleys across northern Nepal. Dolpo preserves one of the last