Tours in Sikkim

Sikkim's got everything under the sun (and under the full moon, for you romantics!). Tours in Sikkim, it has velvet-soft pastures, lush alpine valleys, crystal clear water, and mammoth mountains. Everyone in the world, at one time or another, dreams of coming to a land as beautiful as Sikkim. With us you can actually realize this dream just by travelling in a car. While the period from March to Early June presents the best season for visitors, the Mercury set at just the right level and the mountains at their lushes- winters in Sikkim have a special charm with a nip in the air the invigorates without freezing all excitement and an occasional snowfall adding the right colour to your holidays.

So, leave you worries behind and let us take you on journey, which you'll cherish through-out your lifetime. As far as tour is concerned Sikkim is one of the unique destinations where you can reach up to the height of 17,400 ft by road and it makes it easier for those sections of clients who would not like to trek. And Sikkim guarantees the same breath taking panoramic view of the mountains and flora and fauna as one trekker enjoys. Within this area you can experience different cultural harmony, food habits and languages. 

Trekking Team Nepal specializes this particular types of package tours where your every needs are taken care of from lodging, fooding, transport and guide. We also cater to your tailor made itineraries. Please just let us know your time frame and interest.

Changu Lake Tour
Changu Lake tour, in a limited period of time you can visit most places of interest, the scenic beauty, the flora & fauna and the people and the rich cultural heritage of the lost Himalayan Kingdom.
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