Nepal Adventure Activities

Trekking Team is an adventure playground with a huge range of activities and attractions to enjoy. Home to the highest mountain climb in the world, we run the activities since 1991, A place which  every adventure lover can call home. From the easy, mild-adventurer to the most hard-core action seeker, Trekking Team will not disappoint. In fact, you will want to stay longer and do more! Standing high as a barrier of nature an Absolute beauty, The Magnificent Mountains Treats us with the one of the most spectacular view for the travelers.

Prepare to get your adrenaline pumping and see you soon in our great Himalayan Country! So, what comes in your mind when you hear about Nepal? The Himalayas or The Traditional, Cultural And Ethnic Nation. Nepal is not just limited to these ideas , Nepal has huge varieties of adventure activities. Ever wondered how the world will look like from the top, the the only solution to this is an adventure to the top of the world Mount Everest. This roof of the world bounds within the altitude of 8848m, offering something but a breathtaking view. Nepal hosts 8 highest peak in the world.  Trekking team promises to make your trip to the Himalayas Fun and safe.

Moving onto something lower than the Himalayas the white water rafting never fails to meet the expectation of adrenaline rush lovers, The moving rapids of the river and the beauty of the rivers are always something water lover’s dream of. Trekking through the trails of Himalayas makes your senses warm, nevertheless  every body dreams of coming to see the Himalayas, the breathtaking view when the sun hits the mountain for the first time is such a scenery that every body dreams of. Its not only about the scenery but trekking in Nepal purifies your soul.

A spiritual land of hospitality and culture, attracts your senses. Be part of the Himalayan Adventure with our Trekking Team Family, to witness the ever glowing beauty of nature, culture and the people.