Mountain Biking in Nepal

Mountain Biking is a fast way to see rural Nepal. Nepal's extraordinary contours and numerous tracks and trails make it an ideal place for mountain biking. You not only climb up and down challenging mountain roads but also have wonderful opportunity to admire the magnificent scenery around. You can ride through rice fields, bike to the Terai towns or test your mountain biking skills by travelling to Mount Mera with your bike. The mountain biking possibilities and streets are "endless" in Nepal. There are many mountain mud tracks that have created a paradise for the action biker.


Tumlingtar to Dharan Mountain Biking
We fly into Tumlingtar and spend the first day getting the bikes put together after the flight. The next day we explore Tumlingtar and the surrounding villages all on the bike, ride bike on single tracks here.
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Pokhara to Kathmandu Mountain Biking
You ride on these wild and challenging trails through some of the most stunning scenic and cultural landscapes in the world. With the stunning backdrop of the Himalayan ranges, the extreme valleys.
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Kathmandu Valley Mountain Biking
Kathmandu at 1350m altitude lies in a valley surrounded by hills that rise to 2400m and form the middle ranges of the Himalayas. From the city, we set off on a 4-day tour which encircle the valley's rim.
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