Rafting in Nepal

Nepal is an obvious river-runner's  paradise and offers some of the best conditions for river-running. White water cascades from the mountains and, since some of the highest peaks in the world happen to be here, they give rise to some of the best rivers one could dream of. 

One need not necessarily be a professional or a thrill seeker to enjoy river rafting or Kayaking in Nepal. The rivers offer a wide range of possibilities. 
A river journey in an exotic foreign country is one of the most enjoyable and effective ways to experience the rural areas, observing different ways of life, culture and natural environments, and coming in to contact with village people the conventional traveler rarely gets to meet. These pleasures are complemented by an even greater thrill: running through powerful, fast-flowing rapids. The skills of our professional guides and the stability, sturdiness and buoyancy of modern self-bailing rafts, enable us to safely challenge these exciting rivers. Nowhere are these voyages of exploration and adventure better experienced than in Nepal where some of the finest white-water rivers in the world surge through a spectacular land of dramatic contrasts supporting an amazing variety of flora and fauna, interlaced with a myriad of centuries-old culture. 
Why choose us?
Running trip since 1991 in Nepal all wild river rafting  trips. Self-bailing rafts, new life jackets, helmets, dry bags for gear, perfect tent makes dealing with an expedition the experience it should be.
Our talented guides are the essence of our operation. Skilled as boat captain and chef, trained in CPR and first-aid, naturalist and culture interpreter, these inter-training and enthusiastic individuals do their utmost to make your experience a memorable one. Dedicated to the thrill of running wild rivers, many have pioneered exhilarating descents worldwide. We combine their experience to offer you the adventure of a lifetime. 
The quality of trips and safety of participants is our primary concern. No previous experience is required; in fact most of clients have never rafted before. Our guides will thoroughly instruct you on all aspects of rafting and river safety at the start of each journey. Once trained, the paddle crew can work in harmony with their guide to maneuver a raft down the most challenging rapids. Safety kayakers are always along on high-water expeditions.
We run all trips with total respect for the environment and cultures of the land. Based in Nepal we provide real benefits to local economies, employing and training staff, purchasing all supplies and services on site, and supporting people in the areas we visit. We make a special point of using gas stoves for cooking when driftwood is not readily available. The pre-departure briefing addresses cultural interaction issues. We feel this is especially important to make sure this impact of our trips and personal experience is positive. Placing service above all else, we devote ourselves wholeheartedly to making every trip the finest possible. 
Water levels
We choose our departures to coincide with optimum river levels and climate, as we like worm water and sunshine. The entire rivers we run are free flowing and river levels can fluctuate dramatically over the season. High water provides the exhilaration of greater speed, bigger waves, and challenging rafting. Lower flows require tight teamwork and more precise maneuvering. The ratings in this web site are based on the flows we normally run. Actual water levels during your trip may be higher and the river more demanding.
It is important to select the journey that suits your interests and abilities. The river grade and time of year are factors that could influence your choice. Our trips range from gentle floats in the wilderness to some of the world's most exciting whitewater. We are happy to help you decide which trip to choose. 
1-2 Easy: Flat water, little current and mild waves.
3 Moderate: Waves, swift current and narrow channels. Paddling is modestly physical.
4-5 Difficult: powerful water, constricted channels, steep drops and the possibility of overturning a raft. Paddling is challenging and at times strenuous.
6 Deffinetly NO!: Something best attempted after your lover leaves you.
Trisuli River Rafting
Trisuli river rafting offer class 3 rapids; Nepal's most popular rafting river and is easily accessible from Kathmandu. It is close to the highway and is a perfect alternative means of transportation to the National Park.
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Seti River Rafting
It's class 3 river, a wilderness experience ideal for those seeking an introduction to rafting or kayaking. The Seti is one of Nepal's most beautiful and warmest rivers with spectacular scenery.
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Marsyangdi Rafting
Marsyangdi offer one of the best whitewater runs in the world. Featuring four days of impressive non-stop grade 4 & 5 rapids and unparalleled mountain views, river rafting is possible to combine with Annapurna Circuit trek.
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Bhotekosi Rafting
Class 4 river rafting; just four hours drive from Kathmandu near the Tibetan border; this is Nepal's wildest short rafting trip. Just the desire for an adrenaline overload, this is the river for you.
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Sunkosi Rafting
Sunkosi River just after monsoon must rate as one of life's most exhilarating experiences. At this time of the year, the river is high and wild, and definitely not for the faint-hearted.
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Karnali Rafting
Karnali rafting river located in Far west - it is Nepal's mightiest river offer class 5 river rafting, combines small trekking in a seldom visited part of the Himalayas and exceptional rafting through tropical jungle.
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Kaligandaki Rafting
River rises in Mustang flow through the world's deepest gorge, class 4 river rafting, 3hrs drive from Pokhara, rafting start at Kusma, the river flows 70km through a wilderness area with few villages and people -out at Andhi.
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