Travel Preparation Checklist

Once you’ve decided to go on a trip with Trekking Team Pvt. Ltd, utilize the checklists below to make preparing for your trip as easy as possible. While we breakdown tasks into timeframes starting with 6 months out from your departure date, we realize many people will register for a trip much closer to the departure date. All tasks should still be relevant and you may just need to adjust the completion of some tasks accordingly.


Trip Decision and Registration Tasks
– Select the trip that you want to join
–  Contact our office to ensure there is still room on the trip for the number of travelers in your party
– Review and follow the instructions on the ‘Reservations’ Page directly below this page, on the right-hand side menu, to reserve you spot(s) on the trip Place your deposit (or make full payment if within 90 days of departure)
– Receive confirmation from Trekking Team that your reservation is complete
– Download this trip preparation checklist for easy use while away from your computer
– Confirm your physical fitness compatibility for the trip you want to attend with your doctor. Refer to the ‘Fitness Readiness’ page for your trip for any physical conditioning requirements associated with your particular trip


6 To 3 Months Before Departure
– Download the Gear List for your trip
– Confirm the required gear that you don’t already have
– Begin purchasing necessary gear (be sure to allow delivery time for gear you may have to order online)
– Book International Flight
– Apply for a passport if you don’t already have one
– Contact your Medical Insurance Coverage provider to confirm international coverage
– Purchase Medical Emergency Evacuation Insurance
– Purchase Trip Cancellation / Delay / Interruption Insurance


90 To 60 Days Before Departure
– Confirm necessary vaccinations
– Confirm VISA requirements
– Continue physical training
– Continue acquiring necessary gear


59 To 30 Days Before Departure
– Continue physical training
– Continue acquiring necessary gear
– Send Trekking Team office a copy of your Passport information pages
– Send Trekking Team your travel/flight schedules
– Make arrangements for any pets being left at home
– Review current levels of any prescriptions that you’ll be bringing with you
– Schedule appointment with doctor to update and inadequate prescriptions


Last Week Before Departure
– Inform home security company that you will be out of town
– Arrange someone to pick-up newspapers if no one will be home
– Arrange for someone to look after your home/plants while you are gone
– Ensure necessary people have a copy of your house keys
– Arrange for the post office to hold your mail or for a trusted neighbor to collect it for you


Last Week Before Departure – Continued
– Contact credit card companies and banks to tell them that you’ll be traveling abroad to avoid cards/accounts being frozen
– Cut back on training routine to allow your body a few extra days of recovery
– Check with airlines regarding their latest baggage weight limitations and current check in requirements for their international departures


Day Before Departure
– Pack everything you will need for your trip avoiding any 1 bag weighing more than current airline weight limitations to avoid excess weight baggage fees. (a simple check is to get on a home bathroom scale holding a bag and then subtracting your body weight)
– Ensure you have some cash for miscellaneous expenses while in route to your destination country
– If you are driving yourself to the airport, avoid departure day delays by ensuring your car has adequate gas to get to the airport
– If taking a mass transit system, call or reference their website for any service disruptions or maintenance plans on the day or your departure


Departure Date
– Adjust thermostats to ensure minimum energy consumption while gone. Note: If your home will be vacant while you’re gone you may save some money by also turning down the temperature setting on your hot water heater
– Lock house and arm alarm system
– Ensure you have passport, ticket/itinerary, VISA(Note: be sure you have extra headshot photos of yourself if you are applying for a VISA at the airport of your destination country) and immunization history record card, some pocket money and luggage


Upon arrival in Kathmandu
– Upon arrival in Kathmandu airport, Trekking Team staff will give free airport pickup service and drive to Hotel
– Trekking Team office staff will come to hotel at given time by our airport staff for the trip briefing. Please bring the following information to this meetings:-

a- Your medical insurance & emergency contact details
b- fill up the completed passenger information form
c- Your flight ticket for reconfirmation
d- Passport size picture; please bring 4 copy per person