Why Trekking Team?

Our experience in operating trek and Adventure tours has been gained over 25 years  (trip running since 1991) across a variety of continents. The expertise we have acquired has been used to choose the wide range of destinations and tours featured in this site, visiting what we believe to be the most outstanding areas of the country. We don’t just” scratch the surface” of the place we visit; we get you personally involved in the country, its culture, its people and its wildlife, to give you one of the most rewarding experience possible.

As a specialist tour operator, we only operate holidays to small number of carefully selected destination. Our groups are diverse, comprised of different nationalities, gender and age. Perhaps the only real requirement is a sense of adventure and an appetite for discovery. In small group we make minimal ecological impact, cause little disruption to the pattern of local life, and better appreciate our surroundings. The mood of our trips is informal, intimate; the emphasis is on sharing and taking part. As such we have accumulated a tremendous depth of experience. Given that these countries can often be frustrating, even difficult, to travel through alone, many of our clients are surprised just how smoothly things run. This ability to make things work efficiently, usually against the odds, is where experience really shows.

Perhaps the best things we can say about Trekking Team Nepal is that throughout our history the vast majority of people on our trips have been with us before or were referred to us by someone who has: everyone keeps coming back and bringing their friends.

There are so many reasons to choose Trekking Team Nepal for your holiday among hundreds of other agents who also offer similar kind of trip to Himalaya; here are some reasons

Prompt Response:
Whatever your queries, questions or comments our friendly sales team here in Kathmandu will get back to you within 36 hours with the answers. Our Kathmandu office is always ready to help you whether you are planning a trip to Nepal or are changing your travel plans once you arrive here.

Up-to-the-date information:
We will always endeavor to provide you with up-to-the-date information which may affect your travel plans or an itinerary. Conversely, we will try our level best in getting any information that we may receive for you while you are on a trip with us.

Value for the money:
Value for money doesn’t necessarily mean being the cheapest. Our reputation has been built on the quality of our holidays. This means ensuring that all the ingredients are right, not just the price. It also means those added experience that lift a holiday out of the ordinary. We believe in including as much as possible, so that you need to spend less whilst you are travelling.

Even so- when comparing like for like – you’ll find that few others can match our prices for the standard of services we provide.

Our itineraries have been designed to let you enjoy the very best that each country has to offer. As such they can not be rigid and will occasionally be amended to take account to local conditions

When you travel with us, we are always aware that you have a life outside of the vacation that may occasionally intrude upon your idyll. We are always ready to work with you to the furthest extent possible where changes need to be made to your program, even in the middle of a trip, to allow for emergencies and will not burden you with additional expenses as long as the proposed changes do not affect the flights, permits and costs. Whilst in general, we stick to the published route.

State-of-the-art equipment:
Equipment is another element of being prepared for anything. Climbing, Rafting are like flying, scuba diving or safe sex, is intrinsically dependent on using the most advanced and reliable equipment. We use the best equipment available.

Our drivers are professionals and our vehicles are among the best available in Kathmandu and elsewhere. Further, every care will have been taken to inspect ensure that these meet the comfort and safety levels you expect on your holiday. On our adventure trips in the Himalaya we will provide you with the best available commercially manufactured tents by world’s renowned company or ones that we have designed and have had custom manufactured here in Kathmandu. On treks which go higher than 5000 meters, we will send a Hyperbaric Portable Altitude Chamber, oxygen cylinders, Satellite Telephone and as well as Pulse Oxymeters upon request. These, however, need to be booked in advance and are limited in supply, except for the bottled oxygen.

The Best Network:
TREKKING TEAM NEPAL have the largest network in Nepal & its neighbour countries with fully manned offices in Kathmandu and agents in Every City where the friendly staffs are able to help in booking hotels, flights, sightseeing and adventure tours even at the 11th hour. Further this presence allows us to respond to any last moment changes that you may wish to effect to your travel plans or which may be necessitated due to any number of reasons while traveling in remote areas. Our Kathmandu offices are fully computerized and using our in-house developed Management Information System. We are able to track your holiday from the moment you arrive in Nepal to the time of your departure.

We have also largest networking with tour operator worldwide so that incase you want to book your trip through your nearest agent, please write us for the addresses.

Our safety record is unsurpassed because we leave nothing to chance. We don’t skip or cut corners and we ensure that every small detail is taken care of; thus enabling you to relax totally and enjoy your holiday.

At Trekking Team, we take safety very seriously. It is our first and never forgotten priority, and it shows. We employ some of the best trekking/biking/climbing & rafting guides in the world. These men and women are professionals, trained in emergency wilderness first aid and can get a person out of trouble faster than anyone else.

Our leaders are selected for their personality, their experience in adventure travel and their wealth of knowledge of the area within which they work. They are well -trained and have the ability to provide the support you should expect when you visit remote areas of the country.

Group and individual:
You will find a variety of itineraries in this site for both groups and individuals. Our group tours are enjoyed travelers from children to 75 years old enthusiasts, the wide variety of itineraries generally means that those travelling together, share common interests, irrespective of age differences.

We also recognize the fact that group travel does not suit everyone, whether it is because you prefer to travel alone or because none of the departure dates fits in to your travel plans. Whatever the reasons, our choice of holiday for individual travelers may be just what you are looking for. Most of the tours featured in this site are possible to travel individual without joining group so please check out for the different possibility.

Whether you are travelling with a group or as an individual, you will be able to relax in the knowledge that all your travel arrangements have been taken care for and that you will be looked after by our staff and the representatives throughout your travels.

Friendly, helpful and Professional staff:
All the technical wizardry and networking at our disposal would mean nothing if it weren’t for our friendly and helpful staff who will look after you right from the moment of your arrival to the time of your departure in legendary Nepalese style. Whether it is a case of miss-directed baggage on arrival or shipping of your shopping on departure, a case of finding directions to the right restaurants or finding the doctor after visiting the wrong one, a case of having to be evacuated from high altitudes or not being able to catch your connecting flight due to bad weather, our office and field staff will help you every step of the way during your stay in this region, whether you are in Kathmandu city or in the High Himalaya.

Our leaders are selected for their personality, their experience in adventure travel and their wealth of knowledge of the area within which they work. They are well -trained and have the ability to provide the support you should expect when you visit remote areas of the country. They are able to cope with most emergency situations including those requiring evacuation and hospitalization.

Porters are mostly hired locally in the trekking area, and most of them have remained with our company season after season, climbing to higher positions by learning in the field and under going training.

Staffs Insurance & well paid:
Staffs are the back bone of the company and we have understood it very well. Without happy staff you can’t operate nice trek and your trek will be not succeed. Therefore we have tried our best to make our staffs happy and tried to keep them with us as long as possible. All our staffs (including porter and driver) are insured against personal accidents throughout the year and they are well paid. Other incentives and facilities are also given such as tour allowance, festival allowance, paid holiday. We have also opened staff fund incase somebody has problem at home with unforeseen circumstances such as flood, Landslide etc. They can take certain money from this fund and don’t have to pay it back.

Responsible Tourism/Environment Friendly:
Nepal, for all its massive mountain peaks and impressive geography, is actually an incredibly fragile environment. At TREKKING TEAM NEPAL our lives have revolved around the Mountain & free flowing river. We feel an increased responsibility to protect and preserve these wild places. Not only do we leave every campsite cleaner than when we’ve arrived, we’ve taken steps to protect Nepal’s Mountain & rivers and the people who live along them.

We pioneered the use of kerosene and LPG gas on all of our adventure trips in the Himalaya/River and virtually wrote the manual on effective waste disposal on treks/raft so as not to degrade the environment. All of our vehicles meet the emission standards in the cities, towns and other areas that they ply in.

Pollution takes away the beauty and threatens the fragile ecosystem of the country. We will leave therefore nothing behind us except footprints and take with us only good memories and photographs.

Respect for Local Cultures & give back to the communities:
Our field staff and guides have been taught to respect the local cultures of the places that they visit and guide our clients into. We believe in travel as a learning experience and hope that you will be able to learn from the people of the Himalaya about their way of life, their cultures, their customs and their beliefs. To that end, most of our programmes are designed so that you will have opportunities to meet the local people and interact with them but, we do ask that you be sensitive to their way of life. Carry pictures from home. These work wonders in bridging the language barrier.

Beside that TREKKING TEAM NEPAL knows the importance of giving back to the mountain communities; we therefore have been building Water Tap, School and Health post in the rural area of the country.

Education is the most important wealth of the children; therefore we aim to provide education for those children who are not able to go to School because of many reasons. We have begun a child sponsorship program for the placement of street children, orphans and other homeless or very poor children in boarding schools in Kathmandu. We are now sponsoring 9 childrens of different place of Nepal. We have been donating   almost 10% of our profit in the different activities and we are proud ourselves to be able to share these things with communities.

Strongly follow IPPG (International Porter Protection Group) Five Guidelines “Working towards a Sustainable and Ethical Trekking Industry.”

A) Adequate clothing should be provided to porters for their protection in bad weather and at altitude. This means windproof jacket and trousers, fleece jacket, long johns, suitable footwear (leather boots in snow), socks, hat, gloves and sunglasses.

B) Above the tree line, porters should have a dedicated shelter, either a room in a lodge or a tent (the trekkers’ mess tent is not good enough as it is not usually available till late evening), a sleeping pad and a blanket (or sleeping bag). They should also be provided with food and warm drinks, or cooking equipment and fuel.

C) Porters should be provided with the same standard of medical care as you would expect for yourself, including insurance.

D) Porters should not be paid off because of illness/injury without the leader or the trekkers assessing their condition carefully. The person in charge of the porters must let their trek leader or the trekkers know if a porter is about to be paid off; failure to do this has resulted in many deaths. Sick/injured porters should never be sent down alone, but with someone who speaks their language and understands their problem, along with a letter describing their complaint. Sufficient funds should be provided to cover cost of rescue and treatment.

E) No porter should be asked to carry a load that is too heavy for their physical abilities. Weight limits may need to be adjusted for altitude, trail and weather conditions; good judgement is needed to make this decision. 30 kg load should be a maximum.